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The Secret World: Issue #6 - The Last Train to Cairo releasing in early March

The Secret World: Issue #6 - The Last Train to Cairo, will take place in Egypt, and has players travelling back in time to "unearth powerful artifacts" and to uncover the "ultimate purpose" of the Atenists and their prophet, according to Funcom.

It looks straight out of an Indiana Jones adventure, at least going by the issue's "cover art".

The update will come with new missions to go along with the new storyline, side missions, it also gives players a new and unique Whip Auxilliary weapon to be used when making AoE attacks. It can also buff your team, or be used for crowd control.

Patterns found in Lairs can now be utilized to "instigate an epic confrontation with an immense foe," teams of ten will be able to participate in a Raid to stop a "new presence" which has made itself known.

With the update, a new Veteran and Recruitment system will become available, and for each month you are or have been playing, you will receive points which can buy rewards. Every new person recruited also gives you an amount of points equal to a month of Membership.

A new ranking system will also be introduced to PvP, in which you will gain XP and rank when you or your team kills other players. New tokens are awarded for climbing the rank meter.

Issue #6: The Last Train to Cairo is scheduled for release in the beginning of March, with current embers receiving two days early access.

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