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The Secret World updates to continue, but not monthly

The Secret World will continue to produce regular content updates, but new director Joel Bylos has said he doesn't want to make promises every month.

"We want to stick to regular updates, but I want to move away from saying monthly updates," Bylos told Massively.

"When [previous director Ragnar Tørnquist] talked about monthly updates, the team was a very different shape and size - I'd prefer to say regular updates and stick to delivering on quality and not worrying about slipping by a week here or there."

When The Secret World launched in July, it was expected to produce a new content update every month, styled as Issues, like a comic book. It is expected to receive its sixth update in March, eight months after release.

In the interim, Funcom has issued a couple of rounds of lay-offs, and has closed the Shanghai studio which produced many of The Secret World's assets. The MMORPG's entire development team has been transferred to Raleigh to consolidate with Age of Conan developers in one studio, and the subscription requirement has been dropped, although you still have to pony up for the client.

I still like it a lot.

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