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The Order: 1886 will not have a weapon wheel, creative director explains why

PS4 shooter The Order: 1886 will give the players the ability to choose their weapons but will not have a weapon wheel system in place, unlike similar games in the genre. Creative director Ru Weerasuriya has explained the idea behind this decision.

Weerasuriya spoke to Gameinformer about all things The Order: 1886 and touched upon how Ready at Dawn is implementing the weapon system.

Answering a fan question about the weapon system, he said, "For the weapons -and beyond the weapons- any thing that you carry, they are very set in the way it would work in reality."

The studios also wants to make you stick with your decisions in terms of weapon choice, you will be using a primary weapon and a pistol. "It was important to us that you didn't feel like you had this huge inventory of a lot of stuff, if you had a huge amount of weapons it would take away from things that we're trying to do, which is push you to moments where weapons matter," Weerasuriya said.

"So the weapon system is based on that, it's based on what the character can realistically carry, giving the player the option as the game goes on to equip or un-equip and replace those slots with any weapons," he added.

The Order: 1886 is developed by Ready at Dawn and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. For more information on the game, including screenshots and concept art head to our news hub.

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