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The Order: 1886 AR game is full of puzzles

The Order: 1886 has spawned a new promotional website with lots of info to ferret out.


Called The Order Exposed, the new site pertains to be the blog of a missing researcher, who had been hoping to uncover the secrets of the alternate history.

This on its own is quite interesting but it's also full of secrets to decipher. There's a coded message (a key is provided), but as you poke around other assets on the site you'll find many, many more snippets of cipher hidden away in various places, along with weird sequences of numbers and letters, and other mysterious assets,

There's also an email address you can write to, if you fancy it, which gives you an immediate auto-reply. I received this code in mine:

"2334441531 2433142411 432415424211 4411332234 3443131142 4234321534 541133251515"

No idea what that's about but I'm sure NeoGAF and Reddit will have plundered the whole AR game's secrets by tomorrow morning.

The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive due on February 20.

Thanks, DualShockers.

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