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The next Sims 4 kits let you cosy up outside, or dress up for a night out on the town

Little Campers and Moonlight Chic offer up a couple of different night time activities.

Maxis has properly revealed the next two kits coming to The Sims 4, with a cosy looking camping kit, and one that will let you decorate with a more Parisian aesthetic.

The kits were first teased earlier this month, and were expected to release some time this month. Now, Maxis has confirmed that these two kits, called Little Campers Kit and Moonlight Chic Kit, both of which will be released on May 26. Kits typically cost around £4.99, which will probably be the case for these two as well, and generally just introduce items.

"Build your backyard for a night of creative family fun," wrote the official Sims Twitter account. "With DIY toys, blanket-fort, & even an outdoor projector made out of a bedsheet, your kiddos can enjoy a cosy night at home with their friends." The kit does look pretty comfy, with things like the aforementioned projector, a cardboard truck, and plenty of places to lounge.

The Moonlight Chic pack is specifically inspired by Parisian creator Paola Locatelli, where players can "swoon over sophisticated sets, flowing shirts, & a slinky dress that can help your Sim find that spark with fashions built to last - even if the romance doesn't." This pack, as described, seems to pretty much just be about new clothes, with a focus on clothes you'd wear on a night out.

Werewolves are almost definitely on the way too, even if it hasn't explicitly been confirmed yet. It has been teased, but in the teaser image for Little Campers, the film being screened is specifically from The Sims 3 Supernatural, where that character in particular turns into a werewolf.

With the game pack set to come out some time in June, we'll probably get a reveal pretty soon, so Sims fans shouldn't have to wait too much longer.

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