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The Last of Us Part 2 has sold 4 million copies in three days

The Last of Us Part 2 is already the biggest PS4 exclusive.

The Last of Us Part 2 has beaten Spider-Man to become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive, Sony announced today. The game managed to sell over 4 million copies in just three days.

The figure likely includes both physical and digital, but Sony did not specify. The previous record-holder, Insomniac's Spider-Man, was able to sell 3.3 million copies over the same period, itself up from God of War's 3.1 million.

"We are so immensely grateful to the millions of fans around the world that have played The Last of Us Part 2 and shared their experiences with us over the last week," said director and Naughty Dog VP, Neil Druckmann.

"We set out to tell a new kind of story, one that deals with difficult themes and would challenge you in unexpected ways. Hearing how the experience has resonated with so many of you and witnessing the type of thoughtful discussions it has sparked has been so incredible."

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Some initially cast doubts that The Last of Us Part 2 would be able to overtake Spider-Man, given the latter's wider appeal and lower age rating. Despite that, and amidst a worldwide crisis no less, Naughty Dog's sequel managed to set records. The game has also been very well-received by critics. Kirk called it "a generation-defining masterpiece" in our review.

If you're one of the millions who jumped in at launch, we've got a few useful guides that'll help you unlock every safe, and find every Superhero Trading Card.

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