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The Last of Us multiplayer details found in demo - rumour

Curious gamers claim to have pulled a stack of details from a recent The Last of Us demo regarding the mysterious multiplayer mode.

According to an unverified post on the Gamespot forums, the multiplayer has players forming groups called Clans and attempting to survive 12 weeks while avoiding Infected, fending off Marauders, and attracting new members.

By improving the training of their clans, players can better fight off Infected and Marauder attacks, and will then be rewarded with more clan members suggesting NPCs may play a role.

Some attacks appear to be random events rather than scripted; other random events may be helpful. Players will have several missions per match.

It seems that players will be able to craft weapons and items, as in the single-player game, from gathered supplies. Various medical supplies can be looted from corpses.

Maps appear to be free-roaming, with the ability so place camps. Some areas may be impassable due to virus contamination - although masks will allow entry. Players can clan members can be infected.

Load outs seem to be a thing, and there's some suggestion of character customisation via one-use boosters.

This may all be complete bollocks, of course. There's a complete dump of relevant strings on Pastebin if you'd like to investigate further.

The Last of Us arrives exclusively on PlayStation 3 on June 14 and we're all a bit puzzled as to why the promised multiplayer still hasn't been fully detailed. Naughty Dog has promised that it isn't tacked on and even boasted that it is the best ever conceived. A reveal has been promised for sometime in the next few weeks, and presumably reviews will have something to say on the subject.

If you're happy to view a few spoilers, you can watch The Last of Us demo in video form.

Thanks, AllGamesBeta.

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