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The Great Ace Attorney will kick off a new series

Capcom has just announced The Great Ace Attorney, a new take on the established Ace Attorney series that shows off Phoenix Wright's Meiji period ancestor. Now game producer Shintaro Kojima has revealed that the title will be the start of a new series in its own right.

"While it's not a main-numbered Ace Attorney title, it's the start of a new series called The Great Ace Attorney," Kojima said in an interview with Famitsu magazine, translated by Siliconera. "I believe that it's becoming something that can show that it's not simply just a derivative title. We can't say too much about it for the time being, but we'll be revealing more on the characters and their backgrounds next time, which we hope you all can look forward to. It's really becoming something that we have high expectations for, so please look forward to it!"

Series creator Shu Takumi added that the game will be "quite different" to previous Ace Attorney titles.

"It's been a while since I've participated in making a new Ace Attorney game, and things are a little different from the earlier days; however, as usual, I'll be doing my best and putting all my effort into it, so that this one [The Great Ace Attorney] won't lose to the past games I've worked on," said Takumi.

Thanks, Polygon.

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