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Sherlock Holmes joins the cast of Capcom's The Great Ace Attorney

Everyone's favorite detective is joining The Great Ace Attorney and he's bringing a Watson with him.

Announced back in April, The Great Ace Attorney star Ryuunosuke Naruhodou, who is an ancestor of Phoenix Wright.

In the latest Famitsu, Sherlock was revealed alongside a little girl named Iris Watson who is described as 'literary'.

The game will also contain a new “Joint Reasoning" element which finds Naruhodou and Holmes working together and players "will point out where Holmes is taking his reasoning." in order to get to the bottom of the mysteries, reports Gematsu.

Also announced was the switch to 3DS backgrounds which will allow the 3D characters to interact with the game's backdrop.

The Great Ace Attorney still hasn't been confirmed for localization, but the 3DS title will release in Japan sometime next year.

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