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Phil Spencer rehearsed with a fake script so as not to spoil the Xbox Series X reveal at The Game Awards

The Xbox Series X reveal was one of the biggest moments ever in Game Awards history, and event organisers went to great lengths to ensure it didn't leak.

Phil Spencer taking The Game Awards 2019 stage on Thursday and officially announcing Xbox Series X as the name of of Microsoft's next-gen console was the most surprising moment of the entire night.

Although Game Awards announcements don't usually leak, the magnitude of this reveal - and the limited information shared - would have made it easier to spill out. To safeguard against this, show organisers prepared a fake script for Spencer, who read it during rehearsals, making no mention of Xbox Series X.

Creator Geoff Keighley told Variety that the fake script was about Xbox Game Pass, just to throw everyone off until the big moment.

This isn't necessarily surprising, or even unique to The Game Awards. Keanu Reeves' grand entrance at E3 this year was also kept under wraps until the very last moment.

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