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The Division vendor reset: Custom M44 and Black Market RPK blueprints on offer

The pick of this week's blueprints.

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The Division vendor reset: Custom M44 and Black Market RPK on offer

This weekend's The Division vendor reset brought in some tasty things for those of you looking for something new of Gear Score 204 and up.

According to Arekkz, there's nothing much worth grabbing from the DZ02 Safe Room vendor, who deals in armour. The mask, holster and vests are not especially worth it given you'll get better gear from drops.

Over at the DZ03 Safe Room vendor, the weapons selection is much more interesting. The Custom M44 is very much worth your time and is back in stock after a popular run last week. You don't want to miss this bolt action marskman rifle if it's not already in your collection, for reals. Alongside the M1A it's one of the best marksman rifles in the game.

The same vendor is also offering the Black Market RPK-74 E, which is one of the better LMGs out there. It's probably worth grabbing if you've got the credits, as don't expect the current meta to last forever. If LMGs ever become top tier again, this will turn out to be a valuable investment.

The DZ 04 Safe Room vendor has a couple of performance mods but we're a bit iffy on them; even post 1.2 update, these mods aren't as effective as other choices. The DZ05 Safe Room vendor is carrying a great Extended Magazine mod worth picking up. There's nothing worth seeing at DZ06.

Back at the Base of Operations, trade Phoenix Credits for a Military ME70 with Dominant, Capable and Brutal, and a Classic AK47 with Competent, Destructive and Deadly. The latter is kind of interesting, but neither weapon is really worth the investment unless you're a big shotgun or assault rifle fan.

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