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The Division update 1.2: how to beat the Clear Sky Incursion on Hard Mode

Today's update 1.2 for The Division includes a new Incursion called Clear Sky. Below you will find a guide giving you a few pointers.

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The Division update 1.2: how to beat the Clear Sky Incursion on Hard Mode

Since Challenge Mode for the new Incursion won't arrive until next week, Arekkz walks you through Hard Mode. A guide for Challenge Mode will arrive next after it drops.

Clear Sky is completely different from the Falcon Lost Incursion, says Arekkz, as it's split into two encounters and isn't wave based. Technically, there are still waves of enemies, but players won't have to deal with a predetermined number of enemy waves in order to progress.

The first part of Clear Sky tasks players with blowing up the barrier which prevents them from entering the Broken Circle. There are plenty of Rikers defending the area which will need to be dealt with, starting with the normal purple enemies.

As the player progresses, the yellow Elites will turn up. Once the player downs all of them, an enemy with an orange diamond above its head will come out with an explosive pack. Once downed, the pack will drop and the player will need to pick it up and place it on the barricade door to the left.

Two explosive charges will need to be placed in order to open the door. To get the second pack, players once again need to deal with more waves of enemies, until the next guy with the explosive pack comes out. Grab it, plant it, and then blow up the door.

Like Falcon Lost, there will be mortar strikes going on while you fight, so just watch out for those. And before you tackle the second part of the Incursion, be sure to restock.

the_division_conflict_1point2 (3)

Players can enter the area either to the left or right, but once entering the circle, they will need to head to the center to press the button on the laptop to activate the helicopter defenses. One of the best ways to accomplish this, is for one player to sneak past enemies to get to the laptop while their teammates distract said enemies.

Once the laptop button is pushed, two fuse boxes will appear on the left and right. These will need to be carried back to the middle of the circle and plugged in. Arekkz said it's best for players to draw enemy aggro while another player carries the fuse. Do one fuse at a time, for the best result, unless you are super brave. And be on the look out for mortar strikes here as well, and these tend to target the person carrying the fuse box.

Arekkz said it is also a good idea to have one person escort the fuse carrier in order to both protect and heal them as necessary, as it's a bit of a slow walk when carrying the fuse. Once both fuses are in place, interact with the laptop again to deactivate the helicopter's defenses. This triggers the final stage of the Incursion.

More enemies will spawn and the boss also comes out of the helicopter to fight along with them. He is a Riker with a really good shield and is surrounded by bodyguards. So find a place to group up, and start picking off the enemies. Arekkz says the boss isn't super hard, so it's best to focus on getting him down and then clearing out the remaining nuisances.

And that's it.

Arekkz said Clear Sky is not as difficult as Falcon Lost on Hard Mode, and it can be farmed repeatedly as a source for two 14 Gear Set pieces. Obviously, Challenge Mode will be harder.

In the video, he also offers a few tips on loadout, and other nuances to the Incursion so be sure to give it a watch.

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