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The Division 2 private beta Twitch viewer numbers couldn't match original game

The Division 2 private beta did not have the best weekend on Twitch, as far as viewer numbers are concerned.

The Division 2's private beta, which just wrapped up this morning, has seen a considerable drop in viewer interest on Twitch compared to the first game's beta.

According to stat tracker Githyp, the private beta only managed a peak of 105,000 viewers, well below The Division 1 beta's 149,000 peak.

The numbers look even worse compared to other big games, especially those competing in the same loot shooter space like Anthem. BioWare's shooter pulled in 324,000 viewers on Twitch during its beta, over three times as many.

Of course, The Division 2's beta kicked off days after the launch of Apex Legends, which is currently dominating Twitch. Respawn's battle royale shooter peaked with an impressive 486,000 viewers, and its success no doubt meant less streamers - and thus viewers - would check out The Division 2's private beta.

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There's also the fact The Division 2 is a known quantity, compared to a game like Anthem that plenty of players were curious about. Though Twitch viewership doesn't necessarily translate to sales, the metric is important today because it could hint at under-performance come launch.

The Division 2's figures could get a boost in an open beta, which Massive developers accidentally confirmed. By that point, the game could have an easier time grabbing streamers' attention due to less competition.

Of course, isolated from the rest of the pack, 105,000 viewers is nothing to scoff at. That said, considering the immense growth Twitch has seen in the past three years, and the fact this is the sequel to one of the most popular games this console generation, makes these numbers look very poor.

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