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The Division 2: JTF, True Sons, and Unknown Comms locations

There are a few collectables to find in The Divison 2, so here's where to find all of the JTF Comms.

There are a total of eight JTF Comms, 10 True Sons Comms, and 10 Unknown Comms dotted throughout the entire map, so you won't be able to grab them all this weekend, but here's what you can pick up. We've grouped these together because there's only one or two of each Comms type in the beta.

JTF Comms

White House

#1 - True Sons Debrief

Make your way to the intersection of Ellipse Rd NW and Ramp, to the south of the White House. Looking northwards, the gift shop is on one side of the road, and opposite the building is a large gate with a sign that says 'storage'. Go through the gate and look to the right, where you'll see a building with an American flag attached to it.

Head over and go around to the left to find a set of stairs. Nip up the stairs and into the small hut at the top. The Comms is on a table inside.

#2 - Sitrep

Leave the White House via the northernmost eastern gate. Directly opposite is a doorway leading into a second building. Go on through and into the hallway beyond. Halfway along is an open doorway where you'll find the Comms on the floor. As a side-note, the building can also be accessed from the other side but this entrance is closest to starting area.

True Sons Comms

Federal Triangle

#1 - Negotiations

Head north at the intersection of Constitution Ave NW and 12th St NW. When you reach the upturned lorry, look to the right and you'll see an archway leading to a courtyard. Go through and turn right to go through a second archway. The Comms is on the back of a truck here.

Unknown Comms

Make your way to the intersection of D St NW and 14th St NW. Walk south and then head west onto 15th St NW via the building emblazoned with CERA banners. Stick to left as you go through the archway and you'll find the Comms on the ground just past the van parked here.

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The Division 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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