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The Division 2 Fast Levelling Guide: How to hit level 30 quickly

Since The Division 2 is free this weekend, you'll want to make the most of the time and level up as quickly as possible.

In looter-shooters like The Division 2, the campaign is just the beginning. Here are a few tips to speed up your progress with fast levelling to reach the end-game as quickly as possible.

The embedded video from our friends over at Arekkz Gaming takes you through everything you need to know, but we’ll run through the methods in text as well:

The Division 2 Fast Levelling guide

Pick your Perks

One of the easiest things that you can do right from the start of the game to aid fast levelling is to choose the right perks for the job.

From the Quartermaster at your Base of Operations, go into your perks menu and trade an SHD Tech point for Headshot Accolade, Multikill Accolade, Weakpoints Accolade, and Tactical Kill Accolade.

All of these perks will net you bonus XP for whacking enemies in particularly skilful ways. For instance, the aptly named “Headshot Accolade” doubles the amount of XP you receive for killing an enemy with a headshot.

Even if you’re not trying to play in a specific way, these accolades tend to ping naturally quite often and really do help to beef your XP yield.

Ignore Side Missions - for now

Probably the most important tip for powering through the last few levels in The Division 2 is to leave yourself Side Missions on the map to complete at higher levels. These missions will always give you 33% of your XP bar as a reward for completing them, which is a heck of a lot more experience at Level 26 as at level 6.

Focus on story and SHD Tech Main Missions first, and by all means, run through a few optional missions along the way, but make sure to leave yourself a decent number to mop up at the end of the story.

Complete main missions efficiently

As well, as you progress through the main missions of The Division 2, try to complete them when you’re relatively close to the recommended level. This means that you’ll get the optimum amount of XP for completing them and won’t leave yourself with huge chunks of XP to make up to the next level without anything to do.

If you’re finding yourself short on levels going into missions, try capturing Control Points throughout the city - these offer a good amount of XP, resources, and loot compared to the amount of time that you spend with them. Keep an eye out for random events like Public Executions on your travels as well, and complete them as you find them.

Mod your gear

The Division 2 doles out armfuls of sweet, sweet loot at every opportunity. After a while, you’re going to start unlocking “Superior Gear” which can be upgraded with mods. To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your play time, look out for the “Increase Kill Experience” mod, which you can then apply to all of your pink gear.

Pay attentions to Projects

It can be tempting to deconstruct all of your junk gear straight away but check in at the Projects desk at your Base of Operations from time to time to see what you can donate.

These little quests reward you with hefty chunks of XP, so it’s worth looking to complete them where you can.

For more on The Division 2, check out our guides on the best skills and best perks to unlock at the start of your mission.

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