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The Crew 2 Guide - Beginner’s Tips and Tricks, Season Pass, Character Customisation, PvP Release Date

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about The Crew 2 in this handy guide.

The Crew 2 builds on its predecessor in every way, adding in planes, boats, hovercrafts and more. With so much to do and see, you'll need some tips and tricks on where to start. In this The Crew 2 Guide, we'll lead you through everything you need to know about the open-world racer. We'll give you some general tips and tricks, some info on controls and settings, and the best ways to make more money and followers in The Crew 2.

We’ll be adding more and more guides as we spend more time with the game, so stay tuned for further updates.

The Crew 2 Guide

The Crew 2 kind of bombards you with a ton of info when you’re starting out. With all the different racing disciplines, car customization and activities to contend with, we figured it’d be good to pull together all the vital info, all in one handy place. We’ve got beginner’s tips and tricks, some info on the Season Pass, and more, in the following guide.

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The Crew 2 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

You’ll want to get the best possible start in the Crew 2 so that you can go toe to toe with your friends, so we’ve collected some great tips for those just starting out. There is some advice on upgrading cars, control schemes and more in the following list:

  • Always keep driving after you’ve completed an event. Loot will spawn in front of you, so fast travelling immediately after winning a race is a sure-fire way to miss out on your rewards.
  • Look out for events scattered around the map, these small activities usually take mere seconds to complete, but are a great way to build your followers and earn some extra Bucks
  • Connect your Ubisoft Account to the game for extra rewards and free vehicles
  • There’s no need to spend money on new cars early on, as you’ll be given one for free with each discipline you unlock
  • You can select events from the Activities menu rather than finding them on the Map
  • Hold L1 and R1 to reset vehicle
  • You can toggle smoke in a plane by clicking Left Stick
  • If you’ve got time, don’t use fast travel, you’ll earn money and followers while driving to a destination
  • Complete Xtrem Live events as soon as you unlock them as the rewards are worth having right away
  • Wall riding is surprisingly effective in The Crew 2
  • Rubberbanding is a serious issue, so don’t feel like you have to be ahead of the pack for the whole race, a short burst of speed at the end will win most races
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The Crew 2 Season Pass - Exclusive Vehicles, Early Access, Store Discount

The Crew 2 is getting a Season Pass which grants players access to a host of bonus features. We’ve gathered them all into the following list, so be sure to check out what you get in The Crew 2 Season Pass.

  • Three Exclusive Vehicles on Day One; The Spitfire MK IX Plane, Bladerunner 35 Powerboat, Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6
  • Seven days Early Access to the 19 vehicles planned for post-launch
  • 20% discount on the Storefront
  • An exclusive home location
  • Two exclusive outfits

The Crew 2 Character Customization - Can You Customize Your Driver?

when starting The Crew 2, you're given some basic options to customize your character with. What the game doesn't tell you though, is that you can actually go even further with your look. Here's how to customize your character in The Crew 2:

  • First, head to your Home
  • Once in your Home, walk around and look for a display showing a race driver's outfit
  • Walk up to it, and select "Customize Character"
  • From here, you can change the clothes of your driver, using loot you've earned while playing

That’s all the info you’ll need to get started in The Crew 2, for more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on how to get more followers in The Crew 2, and how to get more money in The Crew 2.