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The core have "looked down their nose" at motion gaming, says Dille

Move 4

Peter Dille has revealed that Sony's plan for Move is to offer a new and precise gaming experience to the hardcore and the casual alike, and that both ends of the gaming spectrum will benefit from it.

Speaking with the Financial Times following his M16 presentation yesterday, Dille believes that Move offers players something more than either offering from Wii or Microsoft.

"[With Move] we’ve spent a lot of time on that over the last couple of weeks and the biggest differentiator is the technology itself - the Wii has been wildly successful but at the end of the day it’s not a very precise experience and it relies on the wand.

"Microsoft’s approach appears to be no wand, no controller, just a camera, which means that your body’s the user interface. Our solution and point of differentiation is around precision, because we’ve got the camera - the Playstation Eye - and the motion controller which has the light at the tip, and the camera tracks the light very precisely in 3D space.

"The combination of that precision along with the button on the controller means that you’re now able to develop and play games that you can’t do with the Wii and Natal. That level of precision gives you different types of experiences like a [first-person] shooter and we can do casual games as well. So we’ll have family-friendly games like ping pong or archery, to games for young kids likeiPet , which is a very creative game. It’s a virtual pet you nurture and it comes out to play with you on your carpet using the Eye. You can give it commands, you can pet it and it will respond, you can give it tasks, it will fly a plane.

"We got a tremendous response to it from retailers we showed it to at Destination PlayStation.

"Hard-core gamers have looked down their nose at motion gaming: it’s not particularly satisfying for them because it’s not terribly precise or challenging, it’s more social. So we’ll have games that the whole family can play that are very social, but we’ll also be able to do hard-core gamer games via a motion device that has never been done before.

"It’s too early to say what the killer app or signature game is but we’ll continue through the spring and late summer before we make a decision on which game is the poster child or the best one to move the Move".

During GDC, Sony showed loads of family-friendly games for Move, and also revealed that SOCOM 4, a game aimed at the core, would also have motion control implementation.

Move is expected to be released during the fall.

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