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The Binding of Isaac could come to 3DS, says McMillen

Developer Edmund McMillen has said one publisher is in talks about bringing the Binding of Isaac to 3DS.

McMillen, who co-created the game with Florian Himsl, said the game may come to the Nintendo handheld in a Formspring answer.

"A publisher I know is currently asking Nintendo if they would be OK with Isaac on the 3DS," he said. "If they say yes, then I'll hand the game off to them and let them port it."

In regards to a release on other platforms, don't hold your breath for iOS, PSN or XBLA.

"The only other system you might ever see Isaac on is the 3DS, and that will only happen if a company ports the game itself."

McMillen and Himsl launched The Binding of Isaac, a 2D action RPG for PC last September.

Aside from Isaac, McMillen's known as a co-founder of Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat,

Thanks, Joystiq.

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