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The best Overwatch 2 tank? All these pros say it’s Zarya

Players quite clearly favour the particle cannon-wielding beefcake.

If you're curious about who the best tank in Overwatch 2 is right now, all the best players are choosing Zarya.

Zarya is one of the original tanks from the first game, introduced with the rest of the cast way back in 2016. But how's she faring in the sort of-sequel that launched this month? According to Reddit user TheForrestFire, who shared their research on the game's subreddit, she's an incredibly popular tank (thanks PCGamer).

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TheForrestFire decided to take a look at the top 30 players in each role to try and figure out which the most popular hero is for that role. Based on their research, 83.3% of the top 30 players have Zarya as their main character, not factoring in other characters they might play as a secondary. She takes the lead by a landslide, as the next most popular character is Winston, as only 6.7% of the top 30 players pick the big gorilla, and 3.3% pick D.Va in third.

The research also found that 100% of the top 30 players have Zarya in their top three characters, so it's probably pretty safe to say that she's up there as one of the best tanks in the game, if not the best at this point in time.

Things are pretty unbalanced in the damage role too, as 70% of players have Sojourn as their number one main, and 90% of players have her in the top three. Genji is also quite popular as a damage character, with 73.3% of the top 30 players putting the ninja in their top three spots.

Over in the underappreciated world of the support role, things are a little bit more balanced. Both Ana and Lucio each have 36.7% of the number one main spots, though the former is the more popular character overall, with 80% of the top 30 players ranking her in their top 3 spots.

This gives you a good idea of what the game will look like at a competitive level, at least for now though things will inevitably change when balance changes inevitably come. You know what it doesn't show you though? What kinks all the characters have, something that someone spent the time to figure out, just for you.

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