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The Banner Saga fully funded in under 48 hours

The ex-BioWare staffers behind The Banner Saga have been given a vote of approval by the Internet massive, scoring over $100,000 in crowd funding.

Stoic Games, which was founded by Star Wars: The Old Republic designers Arnie Jorgensen, Alex Thomas and John Watson, launched a Kickstarter to help fund its debut title, tactical RPG The Banner Saga.

The team asked for $100,000 and passed that total within 48 hours.

The Banner Saga is to be released in two parts. A combat-only version will be released for free in northern spring, while a full commercial release including a branching story is expected in northern autumn.

Its main attractions are tactical turn based combat, a gorgeous hand-animated style, and a mature story about vikings.

Throw a few dollars in the hat here; there are a number of neat rewards on offer.

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