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The Banner Saga 2 is also coming to PS4 in July

The Banner Saga 2 finally has a release date on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Stoic and Versus Evil have announced that development on The Banner Saga 2 is moving ahead of a schedule, and that the release date has as a result moved up.

In case you missed it, The Banner Saga 2's Xbox One release date was revealed earlier this week to be July 1. The game is going to be free as part of July's Games with Gold promo, for the entire month.

As for PlayStation 4, it will be available July 5. PlayStation Plus members can get it for 10 percent off if they pre-order. In addition, a pack containing both Banner Saga games will also be available for 30 percent off.

The PS4 version comes with a neat little bonus: a passive ability boost and the Playful Hilt of Arnr. For Xbox One, players will get the Tome of X. These items will be automatically unlocked in-game, but can only be equipped when you reach the required level.

The Banner Saga 2 has been available on PC for a while, and it's even part of the Steam summer sale.

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