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The Adventure Company scores several dtp Entertainment IPs

The Adventure Company, now part of up and coming publisher Nordic Games, has added several new properties to its catalogue.


Nordic has purchased all rights to The Moment of Silence, The Mystery of the Druids and Curse of the Ghost Ship from dtp.

The company has also secured commercial use of Overclocked and 15 Days.

"With said IPs, the portfolio of our adventure games division (The Adventure Company) gets a considerable increase," Nordic's Reinhard Pollice said in a statement published on Blue's News.

"As adventure games are not only very close to our hearts, but also an important focus of our brand strategy, we will make good use of these new opportunities."

Nordic purchased The Adventure Company along with DreamCatcher as part of its acquisition of Austrian publisher JoWood in 2011. Both brands were maintained as publishing labels, and Nordic recently acquired the rights to THQ to do the same.

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