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TGS: "Some incredibly cool Kinect news" coming this week, says MS


So here we are. After San Francisco, Los Angeles and Cologne, we've come to the last stop in gaming's conference calendar: Tokyo. And it sounds as though Microsoft's readying some decent Kinect news.

Major Nelson's said on the latest episode of his podcast there will be some big Kinect news coming this week from Tokyo Game Show.

"We have some cool Kinect news, that's all I can say right now," he said, before someone else on the show jumped in and added:

"Wait, no: we have some incredibly cool Kinect news."

Microsoft's already said more reveals for the motion camera will be coming this week in Japan following its announcement of a 250Gb bundle with the tech last week.

Expect whatever the news is to come out of the Microsoft-led TGS keynote on Thursday, with Microsoft Games Studios boss Phil Spencer and Xbox Japan chief Takashi Sensui delivering the speech.

Listen to the podcast here. He begins mentioning it at 20:28.

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