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Terraria comes of age with retail release and collectors' edition

Taking the leap from 'backyard game' and jumping into game stores, Terraria teams up with Merge Games to produce an physical product, complete with goodies both inside the game and to put on your desk.

Winner of the Indie of the Year award by IndieDB/ModDB, Terraria will be available to buy as a full-on retail package on March 16th 2012 - ten months since it was first released electronically. Whilst it will still be available using online services, there are many people who are looking forward to actually "holding" a copy of a game that's reached quite a few hearts. The Exclusive Collectors' Edition for PC retail release will be priced at £19.95, and includes an in-game item, poster, key-ring and trading cards.

Terraria is an action-adventure indie game with RPG elements, set in a randomly generated 2D world and focused on exploration, resource gathering, combat and building.

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