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Tekken 8 boosters are already topping the leaderboards

If you take a look at the leaderboard, you'll already see some day three Tekken gods.

Tekken  8 Kazuya in the rain
Image credit: VG247

Tekken 8 hasn't even been out for a week yet, and the online leaderboards are already being topped by boosters. These players, who artificially inflate their ranked points, now dominate the top spots worldwide in Tekken 8.

You can check and see for yourself! If you own Tekken 8, you can follow players from the leaderboard and check out their replays in-game. This'll show you the recent games they've been playing, which in these cases largely feature one player walking towards the other without blocking or attacking. By boosting, players have been able to reach over 300,000 points as of writing.

This isn't a new problem with Tekken 8, but it is one we can quickly spot thanks to the in-game replay tools. Back in Tekken 7, websites were even selling ranked boosting services for those feeling a touch embarrased by their actual Tekken prowess. This practice has gone largely unpunished, but, thankfully, those inclined to do a bit of leaderboard cleaning can report those who are blatantly boosting. So get to it, good samaritans.

Tekken 8 has proven absurdly successful for the series, judging by publically viewable metrics. The game was so overwhelmed by day-one players that Tekken 8 servers were crashing across all platforms, breaking concurrent records on Steam in the process. With the issues having since been fixed, players have been so keen to jump in and express themselves that they've recreated all manner of pop culture character in-game, while desperately begging for others like Tifa to make actual guest character appearances.

Have you given ranked a go in Tekken 8 yet? If not, why the hell not? The game is brilliant, and out right now on PC and consoles. Give it a go, and let us know what you think of it!

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