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Team Ninja says it's "steadily making progress" on Ni-Oh

Here's a bit of news which should make your Saturday afternoon a bit brighter: Team Ninja has said it's "steadily making progress on Ni-Oh." That's according to a tweet from the firm on Twitter.  The Ninja Gaiden 3 studio announced back in September 2010 it was collaborating with developer Kou Shibusawa on the samurai action game, originally announced during E3 2005 and shown at TGS 2006. Ni-Oh tells the tale of a blond samurai warrior trying to sort his destiny in a “war torn” 16th century Japan, and is based on Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa’s previously lost script. Obviously, there isn't a release set just yet, and it is still unknown whether the game will remain a PS3-exclusive or not. At least we do know, though, that it hasn't entered into the realm of vaporware. Thanks, Gematsu.

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