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Team Fortress 2 patch fixes Sniper vs. Spy update


Valve has released a patch fixing several things that occurred during the Sniper vs. Spy update for Team Fortress 2.

Here's the list:

  • Fixed Ambassador not using hit boxes to trace against players. It now works like all other bullet-firing weapons in the game
  • Fixed Ambassador shooting through gates
  • Fixed Ambassador not critting during the round win period
  • Fixed control point not being named correctly on Arena Sawmill
  • Fixed cloaked Spies being able to taunt attack
  • Fixed Spy feign death not being reflected in scoreboard
  • Fixed Jarate effect on DX8 machines
  • Fixed rare crash in Spy "A Cut Above" achievement
  • Fixed the backpack icon appearing over the "Could not connect to Steam" message in the client inventory
  • Fixed German localization string for respawning players showing %1

More details are over on Steam.

While you are there, don't forget it's free to play all weekend long and is 50 percent off should you decide to purchase it.

Thanks, LA Examiner.

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