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Team Fortress 2 getting festive 'Mann Vs Machine' event, mecha engineer

Team Fortress 2 developer Valve has lifted the lid on its festive Mann Vs Machine event, which sees players battling the mecha-horde across a new Big Rock map, and more.

PCGamesN reports that Big Rock is the biggest Mann Vs Machine map yet, and will see teams facing off against the mecha-engineer.

He's a fast bugger too, according to Valve, "These Grinch-like Smissmas cakewalk destroyers can skip huge areas of the path with their teleporting ability, and also teleport other robots forward instantly with their ‘telling other robots about the teleporter’ ability.”

The update also sees the inclusion of Valve's 'Naughty or Nice' crates that we reported on a while back.

The crates will be in effect at the Mann Co. Store when the new update launches until January 3rd, and as a final treat, Valve has released a new TF2 comic called 'Shadow Boxer'.

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