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Team Fortress 2 community members have made $10 million

Team Fortress 2 community members have had a total of $10 million paid out, and the 60 or so who participated in Robotic Boogaloo made a quarter of a million between them.

The massive figure was distributed to over 400 contributors and partners, and almost $250,000 out of the vast sum will be handed out to Robotic Boogaloo participants.

"If you just read that last paragraph and are kicking yourself for not making that beard of bees sketch a reality, here's the good news: We've also done a bunch of work improving the item submission tool, so it's never been easier to submit," Valve wrote on the TF2 Blog.

"The tool now automatically tests new creations against a set of standards, meaning anything you create is now significantly more likely to be game-ready."

The toll will also allow creators to see how their items will render on TF2 characters. Plus, every item submitted through the tool will be tagged with a gold star, aloowing everyone to know it has been vetted.

A new update will be shipping exclusively with "gold star" items, and there won't be a limit to the amount included.

So, start making some hats people. It makes you money.

Thanks, PCgamesN.

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