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Tales of Arise reviews round up - all the scores

The latest mainline game in the series has been released. Here's what the critics think.

Tales of Arise reviews have landed, and we have rounded the scores up for you.

The game was released yesterday, September 10, and is the 17th main entry in the Tales series.

You can pick it up on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Originally set for release last year, the game was delayed in order to address some quality issues and so that the team could release it on more platforms.

Tales of Arise takes place in a solar system containing the two neighboring planets of Dahna and Rena. The inhabitants of Dahna have always paid reverence to their neighbors on Rena, which can be seen from the sky, as a land of the righteous and divine.

Here, legends and lore about Rena and its inhabitants have been handed down for generations, and through time, have become facts in their minds, masking a cruel reality for the people of Dahna.

You see, for 300 years, the people of Rena have ruled over Dahna, and during this time have been pillaging the planet of its resources and stripping its people of their dignity and freedom.

The game begins with two people, born on different worlds, longing to change their fate and create a new future for themselves and their people.

Featuring an original cast of characters, dynamic combat, and lovely environments, it also features some classic Tales Of elements to it.

The game is doing rather well on Steam with 55,170 folks currenty playing it as of press time.

There are plenty of reviews for the latest Tales Of out there, but the list below should give you a general idea of what critics think. As usual, all scores are based on ten being the highest unless noted.

Tales of Arise reviews

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