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  • Modern Warfare 3 DLC plans expanded

    Activision has upped its already expansive DLC plans for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

  • Call of Duty Elite content drops dated for PlayStation 3

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Overwatch map should arrive for PlayStation 3 Elite subscribers before the end of the month.

  • MW3 content drops 4, 5 and 6 out now for 360 for Elite users

    Consider this a friendly reminder Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s 4th, 5th and 6th content drops are now available on Xbox 360. The content includes a new multiplayer level, and two new Spec Ops missions. The content, featuring Black Box, Negotiator and Black Ice, will be available for download on other platforms at a […]

  • Clan Operations now available for Call of Duty Elite users

    Activision has announced the testing phase of Clan Operations is complete and it is now live on the Elite service. Clan Operations are available for all Elite users on PS3 and Xbox 360 and enlistments are available through the Program Guide. A preview, which was released earlier this month can be found here.

  • Modern Warfare 3 video shows clips of Overwatch map

    Activision has released a new video with glimpses of the Overwatch map which releases on Xbox 360 February 21 for Elite premium subscribers. After the exclusivity period on 360 ends, it will be released for PC and PS3. Overwatch takes place in a construction site atop a New York City skyscraper, and includes two levels […]

  • Hirshberg: Call of Duty Elite launch was "painful"

    Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg told DICE attendees the birthing of social service Call of Duty: Elite was problematic for everyone involved.

  • MW3's Overwatch releasing on Xbox 360 February 21, Clan Operations preview

    Activision has announced Overwatch as the next content drop for Modern Warfare 3 and it will be made available first to Elite Premium Members on the Xbox Live February 21. After the exclusivity period on 360 ends, it will be released for PC and PS3. Overwatch takes place in a construction site atop a New […]

  • Modern Warfare 3 maps land on PS3 February 28 for premium Elite members

    Activision has announced Premium Elite members will receive the first two Modern Warfare 3 content drops, Liberation and Piazza, on PS3 February 28. As previously announced for 360, Liberation contains a “militarized Central Park” in NYC providing the perfect landscape for long-range sniper and LMG kills. Piazza, which is set in a seaside village in […]

  • Call of Duty: Elite "100k Day" starts tomorrow, lots of prizes

    The Call of Duty Elite team has announced it’s “putting Vengeful Beast’s prizes in Beast Mode” tomorrow, January 20. Called “100k Day”, those who log onto Elite can participate in matches were those with the highest total kills in Team Deathmatch could win rather nice prize. The first place winner will receive a 2012 Jeep […]

  • Infinity Ward to fix MW3 DLC single profile lock

    Infinity Ward is working on a fix that will enable the first bit of DLC for Modern Warfare 3 Elite subs to be available to multiple users, the studio has said.

  • Concerns raised over Modern Warfare 3 Elite maps locked to profile

    With elite maps being tied to a specific profile, rather than to the game itself, many owners of Modern Warfare 3 are calling foul. A sign of DLC things to come?

  • Ten more maps, two modes for Modern Warfare 3 in 2012

    Activision has outlined the remaining 18 content drops of a promised 20 for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

  • Quick shots: MW3 screens provide a look at multiplayer maps Liberation and Piazza

    Activision has released a set of screenshots for the first of 20 Content Drops coming to Modern Warfare 3 starting January 24 with Liberation and Piazza. The multiplayer maps, which are also playable in Survival Mode, will toss players into locations such as Central Park and an Italian seaside village. Liberation is a “vast, militarized […]

  • Modern Warfare 3 to get 20 DLC drops over next 9 months

    Activision has announced that over the next nine months, Modern Warfare 3 players can expect 20 content drops, arriving first for Call of Duty: Elite members.

  • Call of Duty Elite app hits iOS Tuesday, Android next week

    VentureBeat reports the Call of Duty: Elite mobile app will arrive on the App Store on Tuesday, US time, and release for Android one week later. Mobile versions of the social service were expected alongside its Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sim-ship, but were delayed after heavy demand caused launch hiccups. The apps allow […]

  • First Modern Warfare 3 DLC gets first teaser screen, info

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has unveiled the first screen of the upcoming first batch of DLC for Modern Warfare 3. The shot shows off a map called Park. That park looks awfully a lot like Central Park, doesn’t it? Probably because it most likely is. More info on the DLC is coming in the new […]

  • Reminder: Today is the last day to register for Elite's Founder program

    Just a quick reminder to all that today is the last day to become a “Founder” of Act vision’s Call of Duty Elite service. Those who choose the Founder option will be handed an exclusive title, weapon camouflage, and emblem for Modern Warfare 3. Those who opt-in will also have access to a private discussion […]

  • Call of Duty: Elite trailer urges you to "play together better"

    This new trailer highlights some of the ways Call of Duty: Elite can make your gaming life better, while mysteriously failing to mention how not screaming abuse into the mic would definitely help.

  • PSA: Elite's Friday Night Fights start this week, service at 95%, will be stable by Thursday

    Activision has sent out a friendly reminder to all Modern Warfare 3 players letting them know that Call of Duty: Elite’s Friday Night Fights starts on November 25. Executive produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s RSA Films, and director RJ Cutler, real life rivals will go against one another in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer […]

  • Elite: 1 million premium memberships sold within six days

    Activision has announced that one million premium memberships of Call of Duty: Elite were sold with in six days of launch, and over 4 million have registered overall.

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