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System Shock remake video shows a full run through of the medical level

Nightdive Studios has released a new video showing pre-alpha gameplay footage of its System Shock remake.

A new video showing the complete remake of System Shock has been released, showing off a full run through of the medical level.

As the video description notes, what you're seeing is pre-alpha footage, and some enemies, weapons, effects, and sounds are missing.

The studio also included a "few different musical themes," and are asking viewers for their opinion on which is best.

After a brief hiatus in early 2018, Nightdive Studios jumped back in to development after a reassessment period.

System Shock Reboot initially started as a remaster of the 1994 release, but when the team took the project to Kickstarter, it was  no longer considered a remaster but a reboot instead.

As the game’s concept grew, the scope and budget followed, and after a discussion on how to proceed, the team went back to the original pitch.

Upon release, sometime in 2020, System Shock will more closely resemble the team's initial vision.


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