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Super Meat Boy post-mortem: Microsoft support failures, 3DS plans, Ultra Version, and more

Speaking at a Super Meat Boy post-mortem presentation at GDC, Team Meat detailed its unhappy relationship with Microsoft, and discussed its immediate future.

When Super Meat Boy was launched on Xbox Live Arcade it should have been the only release that week and feature as the top item on the Xbox 360 dashboard, studio founder Tommy Refenes said, as reported by GamesIndustry.

Neither promotion eventuated; Double Fine's Costume Quest was added in the same window, and the Super Meat Boy dashboard item went up late, in fourth position.

"We just kind of got pushed to the side, and that's basically how the Xbox Live launch went," Refenes said.

"The only reason the game sold well was because of how we promoted it. The help from Microsoft was there in a very limited capacity.

"It's not supposed to hurt your feelings because it's business, but it totally f**king hurt my feelings. Me and Ed just killed ourselves trying to get this game done and now we're just pushed to the side," he finished.

According to Big Download, the Steam version of the game accounts for a larger proportion of its 400,000 sales than the XBLA edition despite its later release.

Adding to the team's gall, Ripten reports Refenes could have ported the game into a PlayStation Network-ready state in four days.

As for Team Meat's future, the next item on the agenda is the release of the Ultra Version, a boxed edition set for US retail and Amazon in April. This premium edition will set you back $20 but feature bonus content including a poster, soundtrack, and comic book.

Joystiq reports the independent studio have 3DS development kits on hand, but would not confirm whether a Super Meat Boy port is in the works.

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