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Suda 51 on Xbox brand: only a matter of time before it explodes in Japan

Killer is Dead creator Suda 51 has shared his view on the Xbox brand and the way it is perceived in Japan. While the nation's relationship with Microsoft's console has hardly been warming in the past, the developer reckons it's all about to blow up for the better.

Speaking with NowGamer, the Grasshopper Manufacture founder said, "I honestly don't know what Microsoft's plans or vision for Xbox One in Japan is going to be. We really haven't received immense support for Xbox One in Japan as of yet, so I don't know what their plans are.

"That being said, Windows and a lot other Microsoft products have a track record of being successful in Japan, so I think it's matter of time or some kind of hook that will let the Xbox explode or shine in Japan. But what or when that is, is still kind of up in the air."

It follows confirmation that Microsoft currently has no release plans for Xbox One in Japan, despite having listed support for the console in almost every Xbox 360 territory worldwide. It hits the rest of Asia in 2014.

Will Xbox One help the brand explode in Japan? Let us know what you think below.

Thanks OXM.

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