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Still There is a sci-fi story about managing a space station, navigating grief

Run a space station, mess around with bulky equipment and converse with an AI in Still There.

Still There is a new story-based adventure from developer Ghostshark and Iceberg Interactive. Still There is a sci-fi game in which you player as lighthouse attendant Karl, only it's a space station.

One part of the game will have you maintaining the station itself, solving logic puzzles, and responding to distress calls. The other is an emotional story about Karl, who seemingly left behind his family following the loss of a loved one.

There's also a darker, more supernatural undertone to Still There that lends a psychological thriller vibe to it. Mechanically, the game appears to follow standard adventure game systems, but what sells it is its dense, complex visuals.

Ghostshark Games went with a retro-future aesthetic, inspired by 80's technology and no doubt the movie Alien. It looks like we'll even reference some manuals in trying to decipher some of these puzzles.

The press release also mentions an AI named Gorky, who assists Karl in his duties, which we see briefly in today's trailer.

Still There is coming to PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch this November. Catch the trailer below:

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