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Ever wondered how Cyberpunk 2077’s V would fare in space? This Starfield mod will let you find out

It even comes with an Edgerunner background!

A Neon gang boss in Starfield.
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

If you fancy playing as a terrifying, cyberware-infused mercenary in Starfield - rather than just a regular terrifying mercenary - a recently released mod might be able to help via some mechanics and gear inspired by Cyberpunk 2077.

Sure, Starborn powers can be cool and all, but if you’re aiming to create a gritty space rogue raised on the streets of Neon, they might be a little too whimsical to suit your style. Thankfully, if you’re open to injecting a little taste of Night City into Bethesda’s RPG, a mod that adds a bunch of Cyberpunk-themed stuff to the game has just received a fairly chunky update.

The mod in question is the wonderfully-named ‘Stardevistan - A Cyberpunk Sandevistan Mod - Slow Time - Bullet Time’ and is the work of modder 48volt. Having originally released the mod back on October 6, they’ve just given it a substantial update that fleshes out the concept a lot more substantially.

The main draw is still the “Stardevistan”, a Settled Systems-ified version of Cyberpunk’s iconic time slowing implant Sandevistan, with the mod offering “several bespoke Stardevistan devices with their own buffs, debuffs, and upgrade paths”. In order to purchase one of these handy bits of cyberware, you’ll need to head to see a doctor - such as New Atlantis’ Dr O’Shea - with your new toy then being activated via a handy button in your inventory that can be easily added to your favourites for quick deployment.

As alluded to, each of the unique Stardevistans - which become available once you hit certain levels - can be modified at an armour workbench, allowing you to further tweak the exact buffs they offer to suit your playstyle. This latest update to the mod also adds three new perks and a background to the game, each designed to further augment your abilities.

The background, fittingly dubbed ‘Edgerunner’, simply offers you the first level of each of the new perks - Stardevistan Adaptation, Stardevistan Overclocking and Stardevistan Pickpocketing.

You’ll also find a host of chems you’ll recognize from Cyberpunk now available via doctors or Trade Authority kiosks. The selection ranges from simple healing drugs like Bounce Back and MaxDoc, to powerful boosters like a Prototype Pseudoembryonic Cell Builder that can be used to permanently increase your character’s health, provided you’re prepared to sacrifice some Cell Building Blocks from your inventory.

If you’re interested in making your Starfield experience a bit more like a hardcore survival game, rather than CDPR’s futuristic RPG, you might also want to check out a new mod called Starvival.

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