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Kinect Star Wars demoed, control your lightsaber with gestures

Microsoft demoed Lucasarts' Star Wars Kinect game during its E3 press conference. You can use both your voice along with hands an body gestures in it.

The game allows you to jump out of ships, use the force, and kill baddies in the Clone Wars era with your lightsaber using hand and body gestures with Kinect.

A demo showed the on stage player swinging his arms around like he was using the lightsaber, after he said "lightsaber on" to make it so, and it then he was shown lifting his hands in the air as if he was using the force to lift or push things. He used "the force" to lift and move an airship around.

There's no date for this yet, but we're hoping for a bit more on this out of E3 this week.

Watch the demo for yourself below. We'll get you a better video of it when we find one. There's also an announce video of sorts below for you as well.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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