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Star Wars Battlefront sales may have topped 13 million, analysts say

Battlefront is just one of a number of Star Wars products ringing in the big bucks.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has made oodles of money for Disney, but the income doesn't end at the box office. As ever, it's the merchandise and licensing that brings in the fattest of cash, and video games are a major part of that.

Speaking to Fortune, a couple of analysts gave estimates on how recent Star Wars releases are performing.

Wedbush's Michael Pachter believes Battlefront sold 6 million units in November 2015 and another 6 million in December 2015, bringing in $660 million in revenue based on the average retail price of $55. Pacific Crest's Evan Wilson said sales may be as high as 13 million, but noted that many sales were discounted, possibly lowering revenue generated.

Meanwhile, Pachter estimated Disney Infinity 3.0's new Star Wars releases produced sales in the range of $200 million over northern autumn, about $50 million more than either Skylanders or LEGO Dimensions. Disney Interactive Studios executive John Vignocchi confirmed Disney Infinity is now the top-selling toys-to-life product.

Meanwhile, Sensor Tower's Randy Nelson said three recent mobile titles made a whopping $285,000 the day after The Force Awakens opened in cinemas.

In short, everyone's making out like bandits. Visit the link above for further details and a break down of sales across the mobile releases.

EA has a long-term licensing deal with Disney for Star Wars games, and given the success of The Force Awakens we can probably expect a great deal from the agreement over the next few years. The next cab off the ranks is likely to be Visceral's mystery game, which lured Amy Hennig away from Naughty Dog and Uncharted.

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