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Star Trek Online third anniversary celebrations detailed

Cryptic Studios is holding several special events to mark the third birthday of Star Trek Online.

Between 10:00AM PST January 31 and 10:00AM PST February 14, talk to Q on Earth Spacedock or Qo’noS every day to participate in quests related to his celebratory parties.

Level 6 Federation Lieutenants should speak with Engineer Kani on Earth Spacedock to check out a weird temporal anomaly in the Azure Nebula, and possibly score a Support Cruiser Starship – Ambassador Class (Tier 3) and Support Cruiser Retrofit Starship – Ambassador Class (Tier 5). This second reward is exclusive to the the mission, and qill only be available to successful questers when they reach Rear Admiral rank.

On the Klingon side, level 22 KDF Commanders can speak with Engineer Tum'Era on Qo'noS to embark on a similar quest, which rewards a Battlecruiser Starship – Kamarag Class (Tier 3) and Battlecruiser Retrofit Starship – Kamarag Class (Tier 5). Again, the second one is exclusive to this quest and won't unlock till you hit Brigadier General rank.

Visit the MMO's blog for more details.

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