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Star Trek Online season nine available now, adds Voyager content

Star Trek Online's latest major content update, season nine, is now live. A New Accord introduces a stack of new adventures familiar to fans of Captain Janeway and the crew of the starship Voyager.


Tim Russ has lent his vocal talents to the season, reprising his role as Tuvok, Voyager's security officer. You'll also encounter species 8472, now know as the Undine, including playable starships and gear.

It's not all Delta Quadrant adventures, though; the Federation versus Klingon war is drawing to a close, apparently.

Other updates includes changes to the reputation system, ground combat kits, Borg single-player missions, better character customisation options, and an overhaul to Earth Spacedock.

The video below has all the details.

Thanks, Destructoid.

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