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Yet another Star Trek movie that isn't the fourth Kelvin timeline entry is now in development

It might be related to those movies though.

Captain Pike in Star Trek (2009)
Image credit: Paramount Pictures

A new Star Trek movie is now in development at Paramount, but we're automatically sceptical at this point about its chances of actually getting made.

It's been almost 8 years now since the last Star Trek movie was released in theaters, and although the franchise is well alive on television and the gaming realm, it's been baffling to see Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot repeatedly try to kickstart bold big-screen projects only to shelve them a few years later. This is the same type of struggle that Lucasfilm has been facing with Star Wars ever since 2019.

Now, Deadline has the exclusive that Paramount and Bad Robot have tapped Star Wars: Andor's Toby Haynes to direct a new feature, with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter scribe and The LEGO Batman Movie producer Seth Grahame-Smith writing the script.

Of course, plot details are being kept under wraps, but Deadline's sources claim the story takes place "decades before the 2009 Star Trek film that rebooted the franchise." That means we're going back to the Kelvin timeline, yet Star Trek 4's status remains unknown (and Chris Pine is frustrated about it). Could this new movie be focused on the early Starfleet years of Bruce Greenwood's Captain Pike?

Meanwhile, 83-year-old Patrick Stewart, who already looked quite tired in the Star Trek: Picard series, is saying a movie centered on Jean-Luc Picard is being written too. At this point, it appears Paramount is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks and get back into the theatrical game with one of its biggest franchises.

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