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Star Citizen developer asking fans if they want the game on Kickstarter

Star Citizen developer, Cloud Imperium, has asked fans on its Facebook page whether they would like the project to be posted on Kickstarter.

The developers are gauging interest by asking fans to "like" the Kickstarter post on Facebook. So far, 912 people like the idea.

Cloud Imperium started crowd-funding Star Citizen on its own webpage last week, and so far, close to 9,000 people have donated $825,000 towards the $2 million goal.

There are 24 days left for the studio to hit the goal.

The studio said it didn't go with Kickstarter straight away due to being able to connect with the "crowd" more directly through its own site, and so there would just be "one destination" for fans to visit in order to donate and glean more information ion Star Citizen.

Setting up crowd funding through its own website, Roberts Space Industries, also ensured that fans from all over the globe could contribute to funding.

Star Citizen, still in early development stages, will not require a subscription, but will not be free-to-play either.

The game will be available for a one-time purchase, and while players will be able to play in the Star Citizen universe for free, there will also be virtual items available for purchase with in-game credits so players can customize their ships and other items.

Star Citizen is due for release in 2014 on PC.

Via Polygon.

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