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Star Citizen crowdfunding tally tops $10 million

Roberts Space Industries has broken $10 million in its campaign to pay for massive space sim Star Citizen without interference from pesky traditional publishers

At time of writing, the tally stood at $10,049,823.

What makes it all so astounding is that this whopping total was delivered by just 184,004 backers, for an average of about $54 paid each - just under the price of a triple-A console release at retail in the US. That's a heck of a pre-order record for a PC game outside of major franchises like Diablo.

The basic package, by the way, is $30, so if everyone who backed the campaign had opted for that, the total raised would be $5,520,120. That means $4,529,703 has been pledged to gain access to optional extras, goodies and subscriptions.

Incredibly, some of the pledges have been worth more than $15,000.

Roberts Space Industries completely ran out of pledge goals at $6 million and is presumably using any extra to pay the bills while it works furiously to deliver on its ambitions.

Space Citizen is due in late 2014 on PC.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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