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Star Citizen 300 series trailer shows off gorgeous in-engine graphics

This trailer for Star Citizen has a number of things going for it. It's very pretty. It's in-engine. And it's in-universe - an advertisement from one of the fictional manufacturers you'll encounter in Cloud Imperium Games' galactic sandbox.

There's been a lot of disbelief over this trailer's authenticity, but Roberts Space Industries insists it's all rendered in-engine; it's certainly very well directed and edited, that's for sure. More trailers showing off other models in the 300 series will be released soon.

Star Citizen is being crowd-funded - to the tune of $10 million, so far - and there are still a number of packages available with long-term benefits for backers which won't be around post-launch. You can buy in now and secure yourself one of the 300 series ships, and if you do so before July 6 you'll score lifetime insurance.

If you're interested, keep on eye on Roberts Space Industries. It will be relaunching its website on June 28 with a livestream; after this there'll only be one week in which to pick up any of the exitsing packages at current prices, while Kickstarter backers manage their accounts, and then the best deals will be gone forever.

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