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SSX: Deadly Descents detailed in new EGM

ssx dd

EGM's gotten hold of the first details of SSX: Deadly Descents.

It's the first proper blowout on the game since its VGA reveal last month.

To begin with, it'll have a rewind feature - ala Forza 3, every Codemasters racing game since GRiD -  in the game to correct any mistakes made on courses.

Speaking of which, there will be 17 regions in total throughout the game, with 70 open mountains being aimed at. Mountains are automatically generated in the game, some of which come from topographic data like Google Earth.

Some regions confirmed for the game include Siberia, Kilimanjaro, Caucasus, the Alps and the Himalayas, the latter being split into two mountains.

Each mountain is also being tailored to each danger, such as thin air, temperature, ice. They will be the main danger to one mountain range.

EA says any gear bought or earned in the game will be important to you, as each item could be vital in surviving against a certain danger.

There will also be tracks. All that was said on that front was that they have natural shortcuts, that some of the runs are brought together and that others intersect.

Finally, EA hasn't dropped any details in regards to the line-up as yet, but do confirm that main character Elise will return.

No date for the snowboarding reboot, but it will release on PS3 and 360.

Thanks, GAF.

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