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SSX: Deadly Descents now SSX: Too hard for subtitles

Put your simulation fears to rest - EA Sports latest entry in the SSX series has dropped its subtitle and revealed its lighter side.

A series of concept sketches on Game Informer show ramping off trees, peeling through canyons, and even launching off the Great Wall of China, in true over the top SSX style.

Looks like we can quit worrying about that serious business trailer, then.

Creative director Todd Batty said the trailer showed of just one of three types of gameplay the game will contain.

"Our core statement from day one has been, 'survive it, race it, trick it.' And in that, we have designed three major types of gameplay. One being Deadly Descent, which is all about survival gameplay. It’s a new addition to the franchise.

"... We wanted to make sure we hit the over-the-top arcadey gameplay in all of these different gameplay modes. We decided to lead with the new Deadly Descent gameplay in that trailer, but all of the classic SSX style will be there, too."

Batty also said the tracks in SSX would remain arcadey and feature-rich, and aimed to equal "the amount of content that mega hits like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto deliver".

"Imagine if a slopestyle team had a billion dollars to concoct a giant SSX style track experience on top of the largest mountain in the world. That’s what we’ve done in the game, but we’ve done it all over the world," he said.

The game's trick system has seen an overhaul, drawing on animation tech from Fight Night and inspiration from trials HD to deliver fluid, continuous tricks rather than star-and-stop animations.

Batty wouldn't confirm the inclusion of wing suits, but did say players could earn new equipment and tools of a wider variety than simple upgrades like faster boards.

The creative director confirmed some favourite characters would return to the series, along with new ones, each individuated by unique startting equipment and abilities. The game's plot will see players working their way up the ranks of the Nine Deadly Descents club, conquering each mountain in a kind of boss battle.

Thanks, onlineatron.

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