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Batty - SSX: Deadly Descents still has 15 months of dev time

An OXM article on SSX: Deadly Descents - which dropped initial details earlier in the month, has reportedly confirmed the game has another 15 months' worth of work ahead of it.

Creative director Todd Batty apparently told the magazine that the game still has 15 months of development to go, making either a late 2012 or Q1 calendar 2013 release likely.

The preview dished up the following, in addition, via Game-n-Train:

  • The game's campaign will see you go through the nine Deadly Descents, as well as Explore and Live Events. There's a plot: you're part of the SSX corporation. Quite why this requires you to do mental snowboarding hasn't been explained.
  • Elise was previously confirmed as a returning character; OXM says Zoe Briggs also come back. At least one more is yet to be confirmed.
  • Roughly 200-300 tracks and paths will be included over the nine peaks. You'll be able to choose which track you want to race and pinpoint where the helicopter will drop you off.
  • Tricks will be done with two inputs on the controller, as opposed to using the entire pad.
  • Creative director Todd Batty said the multiplier scoring feature will return, but without the colourful snowflakes from past games.

Announced at the VGAs, Deadly Descents is to release on PS3 and 360 from EA Sports.

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