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Sony announces Move.Me tool for hobbyist developers

Sony has unveiled Move.Me, a piece of PlayStation 3 software allowing non-professional developers to get creative with the PlayStation Move.

In a post on the US PS Blog, Sony senior engineer John McCutchan said the release is aimed at "hobbyists and academics".

Move.Me is a server which allows the PlayStation 3 to share "the exact same data that licensed developers typically have access to" with a user's PC.

McCutchan said Sony hopes to "satisfy the need for new, innovative interactive technology in fields like academia, healthcare, and more, as well as to support new developers and inspire applications that we could never have imagined".

According to McCutchan, health care researchers have already expressed interest in using Move.

What this means for us is that you can expect a bunch of extremely clever people to start producing Move hacks, as they have with Kinect.

No release date was mentioned.

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