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Sonic Mania Bosses - How to Unlock Secret Final Boss

A guide to beat every boss in Sonic Mania on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch, covering every zone. Plus how to unlock the secret final boss in Sonic Mania.

Sonic Mania dishes out boss battles regularly, and they come in many different forms. This Sonic Mania Boss Guide will give you tips on how to beat each and every one of them. We’ve got boss guides below for each boss in Acts one and two for Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone, Studiopolis, Flying Battery, Press Garden, Stardust Speedway, Hydrocity, Mirage Saloon, Oil Ocean, Lava Reef, Metallic Madness, and Titanic Monarch. Right at the bottom of the page we've also got how to unlock Sonic Mania's secret final boss.

If you want more general tips and info on Sonic Mania, head over to our Sonia Mania Guide hub. There are end of game spoilers at the bottom of this article.

Sonic Mania Boss Fight Tips

Before we go into a full guide to each boss in Sonic Mania, we've got a few general tips for you. Have a read of these and you should find yourself more able to take on the foes that crop up fairly often over the course of the game.

  • You don't need to kill each boss without taking any damage. Just make sure you grab as many lost rings as possible each time you take a hit.
  • Sometimes standing still (perhaps at the side of the screen) is all you need to do to remain safe. Don't think that jumping around all the time is always the best option.
  • If you're tackling a boss you've been struggling with, try to rack up some extra lives (collecting 100 rings, getting life TV power-ups). You'll be grateful for the extra attempts when you fail on the fifth or sixth try.
  • If you're underwater, don't forgot you need to get some air or grab a bubble.

Carry on reading for a complete guide to every boss battle in Sonic Mania, including tips on how to beat the toughest bosses in the game.

Pendulum Boss on Green Hill Zone Act 1

The very first boss in Sonic Mania’s Green Hill Zone is pretty simple to beat. The upper robot ball swings another robot ball beneath it. All you need to do is jump into the ball that isn’t glowing orange. Do this enough times and only one ball will remain.

In the single ball hopping phase you can’t attack while the ball is hopping and orange. Avoid it during this stage and then jump attack it once it is the standard grey color. Two strikes and it’s a goner.

Walking Mech Eggman Boss on Green Hill Zone Act 2

The second boss in Green Hill Zone is again quite simple. Stay ahead of the oncoming mech Eggman, avoiding the bomb he throws out. Attack from above to avoid his extending arm. You can jump onto this and run up it to get within reach for a jump attack. There’s no second stage to this fight, so once you’ve landed enough blows the mech blows up and Greenhill Zone is finished.

Water Diving Boss on Chemical Plant Zone Act 1

The first boss in Chemical Plant Zone emerges from the water and bounces, before holding still and firing out a bunch of projectiles. Wait on one side of the screen then run under the boss while it's bouncing. Once it's finished it will lose its shield and you can jump attack, but be careful to hit from the top or else the projectiles at the side will damage you.

A better time to attack comes after the boss has fired off its projectiles. Dodge them then jump into the robot before it ducks back under water.

Puyo Puyo Eggman Battle on Chemical Plant Zone Act 2

The Second Chemical Plant Zone boss battle is one of the game’s more novel fights. Instead of physically attacking Eggman, you must take him on in a game of Puyo Puyo. Join four or more shapes of the same color together and they will be moved onto Eggman’s play area. Clear enough shapes and Eggman will run out of room and lose.

Flying Boss on Studiopolis Act 1

The first Studiopolis boss battle sees an army of flying foes chasing Sonic. A number of missiles will be fired out and come towards Sonic as he runs across the screen. Avoid the orange missiles by jumping over them, but jump onto the blue missile. This will then turn on the main helicopter. Repeat this enough and you’ll be onto Act 2.

Egg TV Boss on Studiopolis Act 2

The boss at the end of Studiopolis Zone Act 2 uses different weather to attack Sonic. Depending on the picture shown on the TV, you'll either have to contend with rain and lightning, insanely high temperatures, or gusty winds. Lightning will electrocute Sonic, so stay away from the rain clouds. Hot temperatures will burn Sonic, so make sure you stay beneath Eggman. And blustery wind will blow Sonic up into some spikes, so keep moving.

When you've avoided whichever peril Sonic is facing, jump attack Eggman's hovering machine and you'll eventually blow it up.

Trash Compactor Boss on Flying Battery Act 1

Sonic finds himself inside a trash compactor. A machine at the top of the screen draws pieces of trash into it, then turns them into spinning enemies. To begin with jump off this new enemy and into the blue underside of the machine. Repeat this until you can also jump into the machine with the aid of the spinning enemy.

Spider Boss on Flying Battery Act 2

The second Flying Battery boss, found at the end of Act 2, is quite tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can’t damage the boss directly yourself, instead needing to push the spider machine (we know it’s not technically a spider!) into wall spikes.

Avoid the spider’s projectiles (often just standing in the corner will work), then leap onto the spinning poles. When you’re level with the spider’s large red rear-end, fire Sonic into it and the spider will be pushed into the spikes. Repeat this process until the spider is destroyed.

Spinning Saw Boss on Press Garden Act 1

The boss at the end of Act 1 on Press Garden Zone is pretty simple to kill once you know how to avoid his attacks. The boss hovers above Sonic and attempts to attack him using his extending blade saw arms. The trick is to get the boss to hit a brown crate.

Move sonic so that he is facing the boss but behind an orange crate. The boss will attempt to strike, but in doing so will hit the crate and enter a temporary state of vulnerability. At this moment jump attack him. Repeat this process until he explodes.

Ninja Robot Boss on Press Garden Act 2

The Ninja Robot boss at the end of Press Garden Zone Act 2 has numerous attacks. If you get too close he’ll swipe and cover you in ice, and he throws out an exploding star that shoots out projectiles. So, don’t get too close when he’s on the ground and watch out for the star.

The key to beating the Ninja Robot is to jump attack him from below while he’s in the air. This will stun him and give you the opportunity to jump attack him and cause damage. Repeat the process until he explodes.

Glowbug Boss on Stardust Speedway Act 1

The boss at the end of Stardust Speedway Act 1 looks a lit like a bug with a light bulb attached to it. Avoid its glowing attacks, and wait for it to be bigger. At this point you can quickly jump attack it before it emits a powerful wave of energy.

Avoiding the bug isn’t tricky. Just make sure you pay attention to where it is going to appear so you can stay clear of it until you reach the moment you can safely attack.

Metal Sonic Boss on Stardust Speedway Act 2

The boss at the end of Stardust Speedway Act 2 is Metal Sonic. After you’ve blown up the device his hologram is next to, a race sequence begins. The goal is to reach the next area, but Metal Sonic will try to zoom into you. Watch for his attacks and jump to avoid them.

Eventually you’ll reach a room in which Metal Sonic sits in a machine. He makes a robo minion appear, but it’s this minion you need to use to defeat Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic will fire projectiles at you, so keep an eye on them. At the same time the minion will alternate between sliding attacks and rolling attacks. When he rolls you can bounce him up to hit Metal Sonic. This is tricky, but when he rolls across the floor rather than into the air, it’s possible to spin on the spot and propel him up.

Once you’ve hit Metal Sonic numerous times you’ll have another race sequence. Once again, watch out for Metal Sonic’s zoom attacks (if he goes off the screen, this means he’s about to launch an attack). At the end of this sequence you’ll have to outrun a wall of spikes and watch out for Metal Sonic. During this phase you can jump attack Metal Sonic when he’s gliding or flying. Avoid his projectiles.

When you slow down to try and jump attack Metal Sonic it’s possible you’ll get hit by the spike wall. As long as you always pick up the lost rings this shouldn’t be a problem, and can be repeated over and over.

Eggman Diving Boss on Hydrocity Act 1

The boss at the end of Hydrocity Act 1 is Eggman in diving gear. Make your way through the underwater area (just be quick, and use your spin to get up the slope that’s underwater) and you’ll eventually get to a flying vehicle that Sonic will get in.

In the vehicle sonic can drop weights by pressing down or suck up water and whatever is in the area by holding jump. If you suck up Eggman while he’s underwater he’ll take damage when he reaches the copter Sonic is flying. Repeat and he’s done for. Just be careful not to suck up the mines ahead of Eggman.

Propellor Submarine Eggman Boss on Hydrocity Act 2

The boss at the end of Hydrocity Act 2 sees Eggman piloting a submarine as Sonic is whooshed along with an underwater current. Sonic can’t directly attack Eggman in the first phase of this fight, so you’ll need to make him hit the underwater bombs. While avoiding spikes and making sure you run into some bubbles for air, move Sonic so he ends up behind but inline with a bomb. Eggman will then plow through and take damage. Do this until you reach phase 2.

Phase 2 will see Eggman trap Sonic in a small underwater area with ramps at both sides and a pillar in the middle. Eggman will launch into two attacks in which he slides down the ramp. Stay in the middle and try to jump over him. When he’s finished he’ll sit on the centre pillar. When his completely stopped moving you should be able to get in two jump attacks. He'll cause a whirlpool that will trap Sonic underwater for a long time, so be sure you spin up the ramps to get air whenever you get a chance. Repeat your attack process, picking up rings lost to his rolling attack, and he’ll be defeated.

Snake Boss on Mirage Saloon Act 1

OK, the boss at the end of Mirage Saloon Act 1 isn’t really a snake but sort of looks like one. Defeating this boss isn’t hard, even if its massive size suggests a very tough battle.

While on the plane, move to avoid the snake’s attacks that come towards the screen. After a while the attacks will come from the side, and this is the time to attack. As the snake comes in, jump into its head. Do this enough times and the snake will bite the dust.

Magician Robot Boss on Mirage Saloon Act 2

The Magician Robot boss at the end of Mirage Saloon Act 2 can be tricky. The robot conjures up a number of different characters, each with their own attacks. Each time a character appears, jump attack them as quickly as possible unless they are mid-attack. Then jump attack the magician robot. You’ll need to do this a number of times before the magician is defeated.

Repair Robot Boss on Oil Ocean Act 1

The boss of Oil Ocean Act 1 is a repair robot, and can be defeated incredibly quickly. If you repeatedly jump attack the boss at the start before he moves, then do the same when he moves to the other side of the screen, and again when he’s back, you can kill him before he unleashes any significant moves. Just be careful to avoid his swinging wrench attack.

If you don’t do this in time, the robot boss will turn a valve and make the green platforms on the floor shoot up. Avoid the edges of the screen as the green platforms will shoot up and into spikes. Stay central and you should be ok. Once this sequence is over, carry on jump attacking until the robot is defeated.

Octopus Boss on Oil Ocean Act 2

The boss of Oil Ocean Act 2 is one of the trickiest in Sonic Mania. Initially try to stay on the blue platforms and out of the water. A tentacle with a gun on will emerge. Stay on the opposite side of the screen to this tentacle and jump over its projectiles. If it shoots low the platform you’re on will be covered in a deadly surface, so jump over this.

Next two tentacles with discs on will emerge. Jump attack them as much as possible. Once the octopus goes back underwater it’ll follow-up with a flying hooked tentacle. Avoid this, then repeat the process of avoiding the tentacle gun. Now attack the two tentacles again.

Eventually you’ll blow both tentacles up and you’ll be thrown into the water against a tentacle-less body. Jump attack it a few times and you will be victorious.

Ground Pounder Boss on Lava Reef Act 1

The boss at the end of Lava Reef Act 1 is a ground pounding machine. To defeat it you mostly just have to stand in the right place.

The ground starts off covered with rock. Once the targeting reticule is locked onto Sonic, quickly move to the side. The robot will come smashing down and pound the rock. Lava will shoot up and cause the robot damage. Repeat the process on other areas where the ground is rock and be sure to avoid the falling metal spiky balls.

After a few doses of lava the machine will lose its protective shell, allowing Sonic to hit from the side. Now you’re only a few jump attacks away from defeating it.

Flying Motorbike Boss on Lava Reef Act 1

The boss at the end of Lava Reef Act 2 rides a flying motorbike and swings a mace round his head. He will ride back and forth in an attempt to get Sonic, so jump attack him so you hit as the mace is at the back. The timing is tricky, but once you have it it’s just a case of repeating the process until he is defeated.

Eggman Boss on Metallic Madness Act 1

This boss at the end of Metallic Madness Act 1 has multiple stages. In stage one Eggman will appear in pillars that emerge from the top and bottom of the screen. Jump attack him to cause damage. After each appearance a number of laser balls will appear and then slowly move down the screen. The best tactic here is to get Sonic rolling in the center of the screen, then whoosh across to the edge as they balls move down. Be careful not to get caught under or above one of the pillars. If you get trapped you’ll be killed instantly!

Stage 2 sees the pillars moving a lot more, so it’s far easier to get trapped. There are no laser balls this time, so at least you don’t have to worry about that. Just keep moving and jump into Eggman when you get the chance. Hit him a few times and Kaboom!

Egg Dispenser Eggman Boss on Metallic Madness Act 2

The boss at the end of Metallic Madness Act 2 is a massive toy egg dispense being flown by Eggman. He’ll dispense eggs from which toys emerge, but the toys are enemies. Take these out with jump attacks and when the machine runs out of eggs it’ll blow up. The dolls can be spun into.

Eye Machine Boss on Titanic Monarch Act 1

The boss at the end of Titanic Monarch Act 1 has two stages. Stage one sees a number of balls spinning around the main machine. Jump over the balls and into the eye in the centre, bouncing back to the side of the balls. Avoid the balls when the move to the top of the machine. Repeat the process until the machine blows up and leave the flying eye robot behind.

The flying eye robot emits a string of bouncing laser balls. Look at its arms to see where it’s going to shoot. The balls are easy to dodge, so just jump attack the body when you get the chance.

Final Boss on Titanic Monarch Act 2

The final boss in Sonic Mania is of course a battle against Eggman. As you might expect, this is larger than all the other boss battles in the game, with multiple parts. The main things to note are that the main boss, which looks like Doctor Octopus from Spider-man, can hurt you in a number of ways. He can jump on you, so keep away during these moments. He can hurt you with electrified tentacles, so don’t jump into them when they are flashing. And he can fire missiles at you, but their target locations are handily marked on the screen.

Jump attack Eggman when none of his attacks are threatening and he’s not glowing orange. At point giant hands will grab you and you’ll be whisked off to another area and take part in small battles against previous bosses. You’ll return to Eggman and then carry on your normal attack procedure. Hit him enough times and his tentacles will be blown up, he’ll fall out of the machine and you’ll be victorious.

Secret Final Boss in Sonic Mania

If you finish Sonic Mania with a full roster of Chaos Emeralds (collected by completing Special Stages), you'll unlock a final battle against two enemies. You'll tackle these foes as Super Sonic, and the fight isn't as hard as you might think. The main threat comes from projectile attacks, but the Eggman-piloted vehicle can stomp its long arms. Keep moving and jump attack when you can and both enemies will be beaten relatively quickly.

That's it, you've finished Sonic Mania. Well done you! If you weren't keen with the way you had to replay levels when you lost all your lives, maybe you'll agree that Sonic Mania's Save System Sucks! Or not.

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