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Someone beat Pokemon Sun & Moon using only a Magikarp, for some reason

Pokemon Sun & Moon challenge runs have peaked already.

Pokemon Sun & Moon has been out for over a week so it's no surprise some busy trainers have beaten it already. But how any of them have beaten the latest Pokemon using only a Magikarp?

That's the new bar set by one Nakano, who claims to have made it to the hall of fame in Pokemon Sun & Moon using a Magikarp. The Magikarp in question only uses the move Flail, and has been prevented from evolving into Gyarados with an Everstone.

Naturally this feat has raised some skepticism among Pokemon Sun & Moon fans despite the images above, but translating from the trainer's tweets and a Japanese gaming news source, RocketNews has shed some light on how it was achieved.

In tough battles, the trainer would just keep healing Magikarp until the opponent's Pokemon ran out of PP, which left them with Struggle - a move which damages the user as well as the target. When battling Ghost-type Pokemon, which are immune to the Normal-type damage of Flail, Magikarp itself would use Struggle to win out. Somehow, these strategies got a lone Magikarp through every major battle in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

I can think of several dozen more enjoyable ways to play Pokemon Sun & Moon, but you have to admire the patience involved.

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